Meet The Walk2Campus Team

Hi! We are the Walk2Campus team. We have one goal, and that's making you happy! We are here to make your time at college as memorable and successful as possible. Get to know your team!

Sumer Harper

Property Manager

Daniel Rogers

Assistant Property Manager

Terrill Sharber

Maintenance Technician

For Randy, no job is too small or large, but it's the small and large mouth bass that really get him excited.

Randy Thompson

Maintenance Technician

How Can We Help You Today?

Our staff is here to help you today, tomorrow and throughout your entire journey with Walk2Campus. What can we do to make your day? No request is too small... just let us know!

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Have a question or concern with your bill? We'll fire up our ti84 calculators and provide you with the answers.

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We pride ourselves on the quality of our houses and apartments, but sometimes things do break. Fill out our maintenance request form and we'll have a technician out to fix it in no time!

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Have a question for us? Want to leave a comment about your community? Want to know our favorite song?

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PS: Our favorite song is a tossup between "Walk This Way" and "Walk It Out". Our favorite dance? The moonwalk.