Welcome to Conway

Our apartments are created for one purpose: making you the most successful college student you can be. That means amenities for when you need to study and for when you need to relax. 97% of Walk2Campus houses and apartments are less than a 1/4 mile from campus. That's so close you can practically hear your psychology professor going on about Freud's Ego Defense Mechanisms. It's so close that your walk to campus takes about as long as it takes to say "commuting." No more gas money, parking permits or public transportation... campus is just a couple of steps away.

Beaver Creek

Live in a great student neighborhood within walking distance of CCU.

Campus Walk

Campus Walk - Coastal Carolina offers the largest 2 bed / 2 bath apartments in the market. Situated just north of campus, you can walk out your door and 5 minutes later be sitting in class.