Frequently Asked Questions

A guarantor is a parent or a legal guardian willing to co-sign the lease with you (the resident). In addition, the guarantor agrees to pay all unpaid rents and other financial obligations on your behalf. Walk2Campus requires all residents to obtain a guarantor.
All apartments are first come, first served. If you (or your group) are the first to submit a completed application, we will send you a lease to sign. You will then have 48 hours to finalize the lease. Whether you are living alone or with roommates, applications and leases that are incomplete cannot be accepted.
We require all future residents and guarantors to provide a social security number. If we are unable to collect rent and forced to send an individual to collections, we must have a social security number on file in order to proceed.
The administrative fee covers the cost of processing your electronic lease, establishing your MyWalk2Campus account, and setting up your online payment service.
You may be on a lease with your roommates, but the lease is written as "individual lease liability." With individual lease liability you never have to worry about whether your roommates are paying. You are only responsible for your portion of the rent.
Residents that have signed a contractual lease are responsible for the full rent and security deposit of the entire lease. If you have a change of circumstances, you are responsible for finding an approved replacement resident (unless you are called into active military service). This resident must sign a lease prior to you being released from your lease obligations. You will incur a release fee.
Yes, Walk2Campus requires all residents to obtain personal liability coverage for the duration of their lease term. For more details and information on obtaining an approved liability insurance policy, please read through the additional FAQ's attached.
Insurance FAQs.pdf
Yes, we offer roommate match services, but only to university students. The leasing office will have each student wishing to be roommate matched complete the attached assessment then recommend a match based on the assessment. It is the tenant’s responsibility to contact the individual he or she is matched with.
Roommate Bill of Rights.pdf
Roommate Match Assessment.pdf
Roommate Agreement.pdf
We do allow approved pets at some of our properties. Please check with the Leasing Office to determine if your property is pet friendly. The pet fee ranges from $50-$70 per month for each dog and $25-$35 per month for each cat (or any other approved animal). All pet owners must complete a pet screening using our third party service. The cost for the pet screening is $20 for the first pet and $15 for the second. There is also a $45 registration fee per dog, to register each dog with the DNA World Pet Registry. Please visit the website below to begin your pet screening and application process. Your pet must be approved before you bring it to the property.
If you require an assistance animal, please review the Assistance Animal Policy and visit the website below to complete a pet screening (preferably before you sign the lease). There is no fee for this for Assistance Animals, but the animal must be approved before you bring it to the property.
Pet Policy (PooPrints).pdf
Assistance Animal Policy.pdf
Walk2Campus offers a parking space for each resident. When you tour the properties, please ask your leasing representative about the parking location for your particular property. In most cases there is very limited guest parking available and guests will need to obtain a guest parking pass from the Leasing Office prior to parking.
Our in-house maintenance techs will take care of everything from changing your light bulb to fixing your heating and air. If you have any maintenance issue at all, let us know and we’ll take care of it for you. You may enter a work order by stopping by the office, calling the office, or logging into your myWalk2Campus portal. In addition, you can call the office 24 hours a day for after hours emergencies.