Walk2Campus Properties is a boutique property management company reinventing the traditional student living experience. What makes us so unique is our focus on sustainability, the emphasis on community relations, and our wide portfolio of different apartments and houses. Our communities all share our basic values: they’re close to campus, improve the surrounding neighborhoods, and add to the vibrant fabric of the university community.

Walk2Campus´ History

Founded in 2004, the mission of Walk2Campus Properties is to change the perception of off-campus living. We found students were faced with the decision to live in poorly managed houses near campus or student apartments miles away. We’ve invested our time and capital in restoring old, historic buildings as well as building new, energy-efficient ones. We own and manage stand-alone houses, spacious townhomes, purpose-built apartment complexes, and even a historic tobacco warehouse converted into loft apartments. All of them, of course, are walking distance to university campuses.


Walk2Campus Properties is committed to serving four customers: students, parents, universities and the communities in which we operate. These relationships, as well as those within our team, ensure our company mission. We created the W2C Gives Back program to establish consistent partnerships with local organizations in our communities. Our markets have worked with Habitat for Humanity, donated goods and services to local organizations, and even allowed the local fire department to train rescue dogs in vacant apartments.


Walk2Campus Properties is focused on sustainable living. We strive to make environmentally appropriate decisions. Small, everyday decisions add up to make a large impact. Monitoring energy consumption, choosing environmentally-friendly cleaning supplies, switching to e-documents and emails to replace paper notices, and opting for low-flow fixtures and LED light bulbs are just a few of these decisions. To read more, visit our Sustainability page.

You & Walk2Campus

By living in a Walk2Campus house, you join more than 3,000 students, faculty and staff loving their lives at nine established and thriving public universities. We'd love for you to add your mark to the thousands that have gone before yours at Walk2Campus Properties.

Core Values