Meet The Walk2Campus Team

Hi! We are the Walk2Campus team. We have one goal, and that's making you happy! We are here to make your time at college as memorable and successful as possible. Get to know your team!

When not at work, Keith can be found walking or running his dog around Downtown Chattanooga. Keith's dog, Scooter, is likely to slobber all over you, his new best friend.

Keith Becklin

Property Manager

Veronica Van Hoose

Leasing Coordinator

Delaney Howard

Market Assistant

Danny’s perfect day includes fishing and relaxing on the riverbank.

Danny Atterton

Maintenance Technician

I am a Tennessee Native, growing up primarily in Chattanooga’s surrounding area. I am a husband and father, my wife and I have two awesome little boys, with a third child on the way!

Dylan Scott

Maintenance Technician

Chauncey Tanner

Maintenance Technician