Meet The Walk2Campus Team

Hi! We are the Walk2Campus team. We have one goal, and that's making you happy! We are here to make your time at college as memorable and successful as possible. Get to know your team!

Bruce Wiggett

Property Manager

Max likes to travel as much as possible! But when he's not out exploring, you can find him at home or walking around town with his dog.

Max Holzthum

Leasing Coordinator

Brittany Bouchard

Market Assistant

Sean Engel

Market Assistant

Bronagh La Grassa

Market Assistant

Marketing major who loves dogs, working out and cooking.

Kaila Martin

Market Assistant

Rich has quite the sense of humor and always provides laughs around the office. Some say that he's always up to no good!

Richard Borkowski

Maintenance Technician

John is Boston born and raised and skilled in various trades. He's an avid reader, hiker, skeptic and sometimes poet.

John Davis

Maintenance Technician

Isaac DeWever

Maintenance Technician

Jason Ames

Grounds Technician