Meet The Walk2Campus Team

Hi! We are the Walk2Campus team. We have one goal, and that's making you happy! We are here to make your time at college as memorable and successful as possible. Get to know your team!

When turn season is over, Michelle heads straight for the lake – her spot for absolute rest and relaxation.

Michelle Donnelly

Property Manager

Marie Helene Godin

Leasing Coordinator

Why did the chicken cross the road? Ask Sarah, her unique sense of humor will have you cracking up in no time.

Sarah Brown

Market Assistant

Emily Cutcliff

Market Assistant

Need to know something about the Farmville? Ask David! He's a Farmville native that knows all of the ins and outs.

David Gills

Market Assistant

If Paul’s not at work we know where to find him – getting in a round of 18 somewhere!

Paul Mastracco

Maintenance Technician

Devin Rogers

Maintenance Technician

Ask Mike about the time he did the lights and sound at a KISS concert. This man has some tales to share.

Mike Strasburg

Maintenance Technician

Daquan Miller

Grounds Technician