Rock Hill's COVID-19 Plan

Good news! Winthrop University has announced that they are planning to have in-person classes this fall. This year may look different than in years past, but we’ll be here to welcome you to your home away from home this fall.

Walk2Campus is working diligently to prepare for the safe return of our residents. We continue to monitor the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to develop processes and procedures that mitigate the impact of COVID-19 on our residents, team, and the communities in which we live. As we navigate this ‘new normal’, we understand that things continue to evolve. This page will be updated as policies change.

In the midst of uncertainty, we remain steadfast in our commitment to provide you a home. Whatever else may be new this year, Walk2Campus will remain open to provide you with a place to call your own.

We have tried to answer any questions you may have below. If you have additional questions, you may contact us over the phone by calling 803-554-8801 or emailing

The information below is based as of June 29, 2020.

Some details will be evolving as guidelines from local authorities and the CDC change, but your day to day life at Walk2Campus will look very similar. You will still have unrestricted access to your apartment, 24/7 access to our emergency line and myW2C Portal, and all of the freedom of living off-campus. We encourage you to follow CDC protocols and sanitize your apartment more frequently, meet with friends in smaller groups, and limit your travel on weekends. We will continue to provide a high level of service, as well. Our traditional resident events may be different- to encourage social distancing- but we still want to celebrate this (crazy) year with you!

Our offices are open. For your safety and the safety of our team, only 5 customers may be in the office at a time. All visitors, whether in the office or waiting outside should practice social distancing and are asked to wear a mask. Our team is practicing increased safety protocols, including wearing PPE and cleaning the office twice daily. We encourage you to reach out through email or phone to cut down on traffic inside the leasing office.

We are scheduling move ins to allow for space to social distance. We have implemented the Express Pass process to speed up your move in day experience. Future residents are encouraged to complete the Express Pass Tracker on the myW2C Portal prior to arriving in Rock Hill.

Once you qualify for Express Pass move in, you may schedule a move in date and time on your myW2C Portal. If you request a move in on a date with expected high volume, you will also have the option to request curbside key pick up.

During your move in day, we encourage you to limit the number of people helping to move in to two members of their household. If applicable, only use elevators with members of your household. If weather permits, we encourage you to turn off your A/C and open the windows to increase airflow, especially in cases where both roommates have family present for move-in. As always, hand sanitizer will be readily available in common areas.

If you are moving into a new apartment this year, we are having a professional crew clean your apartment with CDC approved supplies. In our final inspection, we will sanitize door knobs and appliance handles and wear PPE. While inside partially occupied apartments, vendors and our team will wear masks and gloves. Existing residents are encouraged to leave the apartment or stay in bedrooms while vendors are present.

Nothing is more important to us than the safety of our residents, our team, and our community. In adherence with CDC and local guidelines, Walk2Campus has implemented the following operating procedures:

  • - Face Coverings & Gloves: Team members are required to wear proper face masks and gloves when interacting with others and while completing work orders. We encourage you to wear masks in the leasing office and other shared spaces. Masks are available upon request in the leasing office.
  • - Wellness Screenings: All W2C team members participate in daily wellness screens. We have modified our health policy and given additional wellness days to encourage team members to stay home should they feel ill. Our teams have the option to work from home, if they need to self-isolate or quarantine.
  • - Increased Cleaning: We clean common areas at least twice daily. Additional cleaning supplies are provided for residents to also disinfect tables or shared equipment before and after use.
  • - Social Distancing: Occupancy is limited in common areas and the leasing office. We encourage team members and residents to practice appropriate distancing of at least 6 feet.
  • - Sanitizer Dispensers: Hand sanitizer stations are accessible to residents and guests in common areas and hallways.
  • - Up-to-Date Information: We are keeping up with local, state, and CDC regulations and modifying our policies as guidelines change.

Walk2Campus is currently responding to all maintenance requests. Residents must acknowledge they are not feeling any symptoms before a maintenance technician will enter their apartment. If a resident feels ill, we may perform work orders over FaceTime with provided tools.

For the safety of our team and residents, we may switch to performing work orders over FaceTime and only perform emergency maintenance.

The business center, study rooms, gym and pool are open with some restrictions. Only 1 resident may use each room at a time. We ask residents to limit their use to 30 minutes to allow others an opportunity to enjoy these spaces. Walk2Campus will clean these areas twice daily, but we encourage residents to also clean any shared computers, furniture, and equipment before and after use. At any point in time, if it becomes too risky to keep the amenities open with these restrictions, we may close them temporarily.

Guests are permitted on the property. The guest policy outlined in the lease agreement limits the total number of guests to 10 individuals. Residents are encouraged to follow local and CDC guidelines, practice social distancing, wear masks, and meet outside, if possible. Residents must adhere to posted occupancy guidelines for amenity spaces.

When you move into your apartment, your roommate(s) will essentially become your family. We encourage you to complete the Roommate Agreement during the first few weeks of living together. Discuss cleaning protocols, personal space boundaries, your guest policy and a plan if someone becomes ill. If you have a pre-existing condition, you may want to share that information with your roommate. Living in a shared space, you and your roommate should decide how strict or lax you will be with social distancing. Please note, with proper caution, it is possible to live in the same apartment as a roommate and not contract COVID-19, even if exposed.

There are many suggestions for helping limit the spread of COVID-19. We recommend the following:

  • - Wear a mask when in public places.
  • - Wash your hands frequently and avoid touching your face.
  • - Limit the amount of travel you do on weekends.
  • - Sanitize and clean your apartment frequently, especially after having visitors over.
  • - Monitor your symptoms closely. If you feel ill, call your healthcare provider.

If you begin to feel symptoms of COVID-19, such as fever, coughing, and shortness of breath, follow these steps:

  • - You should not immediately go to the hospital or healthcare clinic, instead call your healthcare provider to discuss your symptoms.
  • - If advised, find a testing site near you and self-isolate in your apartment.
  • - Winthrop has also recommended you stay away from campus while you are experiencing symptoms.

Let us know how we can help! Walk2Campus will do what we can to help deliver medicine, groceries, and coordinate other services for you so that you may remain isolated in your apartment for 14 days.

According to the CDC, it is possible to live in the same apartment with a roommate who tests positive for COVID-19 and not contract the virus yourself. If you or your roommate tests positive for COVID-19, you should:

  • - Monitor your symptoms closely.
  • - Self-isolate for 14 days in your bedroom, limiting usage of common areas as much as possible.
  • - Maintain social distance of 6’ in your apartment common areas and wear a mask.
  • - Sanitize your apartment frequently.
  • - Avoid sharing cups, bowls, etc.
  • - Wash your hands.
  • - Avoid touching your face.
  • - If possible, designate a bathroom specifically for the sick roommate.

Let us know how we can help! Walk2Campus will do what we can to help deliver medicine, groceries, and coordinate other services for you so that you may remain isolated in your apartment for 14 days.

After speaking with campus representatives, off-campus residents, including Walk2Campus residents, are unable to isolate in the Winthrop dorms. We recommend taking additional precautions to quarantine in your private bedroom

Let us know how we can help! Walk2Campus will do what we can to help deliver medicine, groceries, and coordinate other services for you so that you may remain isolated in your apartment for 14 days.

In the event, Winthrop switches to only online learning during the 2020-2021 academic year, your apartment will still be available to you. Similarly to Spring 2020, many residents may choose to stay in their off-campus housing and continue to take classes online. Walk2Campus will remain open and will continue to provide our level of service despite university changes in the learning format. As needed, we will continue to communicate our policy changes through this website and email.

You will always have access to your apartment throughout the length of your lease term, including over Winter Break. If you need to stay after your lease end date for any reason, call the Leasing Office to determine if you can extend your lease.